Peer Review

The submitted script is first reviewed by an editors. It will be evaluated in the office, whether it is suitable for Jurnal Teknik: Media Pengembangan Ilmu dan Aplikasi focus and scope and journal writing guidelines or has a major methodological flaw and similarity less than 15 percent score by using Turnitin and Grammarly.

Any scripts declared not to qualify the writing guidelines or exceed the plagiarism percent value limit will be returned to the author. Any scripts declared to qualify will be peer-reviewed. A detailed explanation about the review process is in the Review Process document.

Submitted scripts will be graded based on the rules below:

  • The originality and the contribution in scientific publishing field
  • The reliability of the methodology and theory taken according to the topic
  • Analysis coherence
  • Grammar and writing in accordance with the rules

The script will be Double Blind Peer Reviewed. Double-Blind Peer Review is a peer scientific work review method. Identities of the reviewer and the author are hidden to make sure the reviewer does not know whose article is being reviewed and the author does not know who reviews the article. This method may keep the objectivity of the review result. One article will be reviewed by two reviewers, an internal and external reviewer. The editorial team will choose a third reviewer when the reviewers’ comments are contrary.